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Carnevil Comes To Redcliffe

Story: Kelly Livett | Photo: Lexie and Rack Pirihito
Sep 18, 2019
Carnevil Comes to Redcliffe
Halloween has evolved over the years. Originally a Celtic celebration, the homemade gifts of cookies and fruit of the 1950s morphed into chocolate and lollies for trick or treaters, and in the naughties Halloween crept into Australia.

In 2019, it’s not unusual to find vampires, princesses and ghouls wandering the Peninsula streets on 31 October. You don’t have to look too far to find locals signalling their involvement in Halloween festivities with signs or orange balloons on their mailbox.

Rack and Lexie Pirihito are just one Redcliffe family, who have embraced the Halloween tradition by opening their home to the public, which they have done for the past six years.

With no more than a gold coin donation, raised for the Breakfast Club, you and your family can enjoy an evening full of frights and scares.

“When we first started trick or treating, our children hardly ended up with any candy. So first we decided to hold Halloween parties for all their school friends. Then the year after that, we decided to open our house to all trick or treaters and the rest is history,” Rack and Lexie said.

This year’s theme is ‘Carnevil comes to Redcliffe’, with their house in Meredith Street  being decorated like a scary carnival. The decorations set the mood for the live scares, a 7D cinema, scary animatronics, and lucky door prizes.

There will be trick or treat sweets for children aged 16 and under, and we have been warned, “the clowns will be here to scare the visitors, but it’s the littlest clown you have to be wary of.”

Rack and Lexie have advised that ‘Carnevil Comes to Redcliffe’ will feature strobe lights, smoke machines and UV lights, and that children under 15 years of age must be under the supervision of an adult. While some parts of the Halloween house might be scary to younger children, it is a family-friendly event.

For more information on this event search, Facebook for the ‘Carnevil Comes to Redcliffe’ event page.

Carnevil comes to Redcliffe
Thursday 31 Oct – Saturday 2 Nov
2 Meredith Street, Redcliffe
Gold Coin Donation on entry
Children under 16 require adult supervision