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Game Fishing With Family And Friends

Story: Wayne I Flack
Aug 22, 2019
Game Fishing  with Family  and Friends
For most people, fishing is about having fun – which is something that is high on the agenda for the Newport Game Fish Club.

The club was formed in 2017 by a group of enthusiastic fishing friends, who wanted to start a game fishing club with a laid back approach and no politics.

Captain of the Newport Game Fish Club, Ben Kelly, said the club hosted weekends, once a month, where members fish Saturday and Sunday, and follow up with a weigh-in and BBQ on the Sunday evening.

“We welcome visitors along to our barbecue for a chat and encourage members to take visitors and friends out, and the first marlin caught by a visitor [on each boat] will classify as points to that boat,” Ben said.  

The club promotes a tag and release section for all marlin and billfish caught. Any yellowfin tuna and dolphin fish  caught are brought back for weigh-in.

The club caters for men, women and juniors, and hold  a meetings on the last Tuesday of every month.

More information can be found via the Newport Game Fish Club’s Facebook page.

Newport Game Fish Club
Next monthly club weigh-in and BBQ:
Sunday 22 September, 4pm to 6pm
Newport Marina
158 Griffith Road, Scarborough