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‘between The Tides’ At Scarborough

Story: Jodie Woodward | Photo: Ben McShea
Jun 22, 2019
‘Between the Tides’ at Scarborough
The aim of Between the Tides is to raise awareness of the artistic potential and adaptability of recycled materials. This free community art event will be held on the Redcliffe Peninsula in July.

The event was created with inclusivity in mind. Carte Blanche, a group of contemporary artists based in the Redcliffe region, work with the local community to produce Between the Tides each year. They seek out contributions from community groups, individuals and school students, aided by Carte Blanche’s work as Artists in Residence at Redcliffe High School.

Carte Blanche member, Trudy Stephens, said the event welcomed all members of the community.

“Producing Between the Tides, each year, is a wonderful way to bring ephemeral art to the community, extending and developing exciting artworks from recycled materials,” Trudy said.

Between the Tides was inspired by a similar art event in Auckland. It leaves the gallery behind and focuses on bringing artwork into a very different environment – right onto the Scarborough foreshore. Artworks will include large-scale interactive installations that will be placed along the tidal sand bar to be appreciated by all members of the local community, as well as visitors to the area.

Event attendees are encouraged to meet local artists to view the creative ingenuity of the artworks and to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere along the foreshore.

“We hope that everyone will benefit by enjoying a picturesque environment and being part of a different type of art experience,” Trudy said.

After five years at Deception Bay, Between the Tides has moved to the Redcliffe Peninsula this year. This will allow better access for Redcliffe locals and for the community to attend.

Trudy said one of the highlights of Between the Tides was watching the surprised responses from people as they viewed or interacted with the artworks.

“We encourage any community members to come along and to make some art for the event,” Trudy said.

For more information about Between the Tides go to www.visitmoretonbayregion.c...


Sunday 28 July, 11am-3pm
Scarborough Foreshore
Cnr Oyster Point Esplanade and Endeavour Esplanade, Scarborough