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Welcome Dinner For Redcliffe Newcomers

Story: Redcliffe Guide
Feb 23, 2019
Welcome Dinner For Redcliffe Newcomers
Redcliffe is a beautiful place to live and for many, the longer you live here the more you grow to love it. Encircle Redcliffe has decided to reach out to welcome all the new faces to the peninsula at its very first Welcome to Redcliffe Dinner this month.

Micah Lean, community development worker at Encircle Redcliffe, and the event organiser, said the dinner, to be held in late-March, was expected to become an annual event, focusing on community spirit.

“(It’s about) building community spirit. Giving people, especially locals, the opportunity to say welcome to our town,” Mr Lean said.

Mr Lean also said Encircle Redcliffe has worked closely with the community for many years, and one of the most common issues discussed was that newer residents have a real yearning for opportunities to make new connections and better explore their new home. The idea for the welcome dinner was born from that.

The Welcome to Redcliffe Dinner will be an all ages event, running for two to three hours. The dinner aims to host new and well-established residents, as well as multiple public figures who have all made the peninsula their home. There will be a variety of entertainment to celebrate the wonderful culture and diversity that already exists in Redcliffe.

“How awesome would it be to have an event where people were simply welcomed with no other agenda,” Mr Lean said.

The dinner will be held at Pilpel Restaurant, in their new premises near the Redcliffe waterfront, and will feature three generous courses of Middle Eastern cuisine.

There is also an option for local individuals and businesses to pay it forward by purchasing one or more additional tickets to be gifted to new members of the community. Tickets for the Welcome to Redcliffe Dinner are on sale via and at the Redcliffe neighbourhood centre for $60 per person. 

For more information on the event and for regular updates from Encircle Redcliffe search Welcome to Redcliffe Dinner on Facebook.

Welcome to Redcliffe Dinner

Thursday 28 March
6pm arrival for a 6.30pm start
Pilpel Restaurant
Corner of Sutton & Creek Streets