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Ogre The Holidays? Shrek Yourself!

Story: Redcliffe Guide
Sep 25, 2018
Ogre the Holidays? Shrek Yourself!
Local community group Pine Rivers Musical Association Incorporated (PRIMA) are staging a lavish musical production of the Oscar-winning film, Shrek, to the Redcliffe Cultural Centre this October. And it promises to be a hit with audience members of all ages.

PRIMA President, Stacie Hobbs explained the differences between the movie that audiences know and love, and the musical she has lovingly crafted for the stage.

“It’s a musical based on the original movie, and follows the original plot, but with awesome and heartfelt songs,” Stacie said.

“I think [it] is actually better than the movie, [because] there is such an incredible theme of accepting yourself and others for who they are.”

The process of producing and rehearsing a musical is a huge task, with many different cast members to manage, costumes to source and sets to create.

“This show has so many crazy characters, it’s been such fun watching our cast discover their version of all of the zany fairy-tale characters.

“It’s also a big show to produce, with hundreds of costume pieces involved, so it’s a full-scale production and all stations go for the whole time!”

Featured in the experienced cast are seasoned musical theatre actors; including Nathaniel Currie who will play Shrek, and Lucy Bardsley as the

beautiful Princess Fiona. And there isn’t a Shrek without Donkey, with actor Zach Price working hard to fill Eddie Murphy’s inimitable role.

Stacie’s favourite moment in the production is a song called “I Think I’ve Got You Beat”.

“[It’s] a duet between Shrek and Fiona fighting about whose life is worse than the other,” Stacie said.

“It’s both devastating and hilarious, and it really builds upon their relationship far more than the movie.”

Stacie described the timeless appeal of this modern classic, explaining, “Shrek is that perfect combination; it’s something kids will love, but parents will enjoy it just as much.”

“I think there is such a lot of love for Shrek, as I know how much I loved it as a kid when it came out, and I love it just as much now!”

What: Shrek the Musical
Where: Redcliffe Cultural Centre, Downs Street, Redcliffe
When: 5th – 14th October
Show Times: Friday - 7:30pm; Saturday - 2pm and 7:30pm; Sunday - 2pm
Cost: From $25
Visit: www.redcliffeculturalcentre...