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From Summer Bay To Moreton Bay

Story: Story Donna Roberts
Sep 05, 2018
From Summer Bay To Moreton Bay
Hidden up at Scarborough, local celebrity Tina Thomsen has opened an acting studio for aspiring screen actors.

Better known as Finlay Roberts in Home and Away, a role she held for several years, Tina originally moved to Australia from Denmark in 1982 at the age of seven. She fell into acting initially to simply communicate while attending school at Clontarf Primary and Clontarf High, due
to her lack of English.

“I needed to use the toilet when I was at school and not speaking English made it difficult to get that across to new classmates.

“So I became a mime that day and am so grateful that not only did they understand my game of charades, but they didn’t make me feel silly,” Tina said.

After moving to Sydney in 1991 to pursue her acting career, Tina was offered the role as Finlay on Home and Away. She then worked on several other TV shows including All Saints, Shark Bay, Big Sky, GP and Farscape.

The move back to the Peninsula to raise a family was always the dream, and Tina loves being back in the area.

“It’s incredible to see how much change and development there has been since the 80s...we still have the natural beauty of the waterfront but now there are so many great cafes, restaurants and community events as well - it’s paradise,” Tina said.

Tina was inspired to set up Zip Studios to give students of all ages and levels of experience an opportunity to practice acting for TV and movies.

“When I was dreaming of being on TV, there was no one providing lessons focused purely on screen acting,” Tina said.

“I know a lot of young actors don’t have any interest in performing on stage or in musicals but that is often all that’s available.

“All work is filmed as if you are on set so you get experience in front of the camera and start building up a body of work right from day one.

“ We really are focused on fast-tracking actors, regardless of experience, through honing their screen skills, building a great showreel, securing an agent and eventually into professional work,” Tina said.

Tina and her family are very happy to be settled back on the Peninsula, reliving her old childhood memories and making a whole host of new ones.

Zip Studios
Open by Appointment
Mon - Fri 10am-9pm
Ph. 0417 767 697