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It’s... Chicken Lady!

Story: Redcliffe Guide
Feb 28, 2018
It’s... Chicken Lady!
She’s like some kind of superhero. Her powers are impressive and numerous; she cares for her two daughters and her loving Mum, she brings joy and happiness to suburban backyards, and she spreads the word about how great it is to have chickens in your life!

Like many of us, Chicken Lady (Helen South to her friends), first discovered the wonders of having a clucky companion when she was a child. “They’ve always been a part of my life,” Helen says. “People tend not to give chickens much credit, but they all have their own personality and are very intelligent.”

Helen started putting more time and energy into her hobby about a year ago when she found herself with more free time. She decided to bring her penchant for poultry to the public, and ‘Chicken Lady’ was born.

“I believe very strongly that chickens are great therapy for people of all ages,” Helen said. “I’ve seen the difference they can make to mental and physical health. They get you outside to play and look after them, and they make you feel good at the same time.”

Helen sets up her chicken stall at Redcliffe Feed and Grain on Fridays and Sundays, and loves every minute of it! “Everyone stops to have a look at the chickens and share chicken stories, and have lots of laughs. I don’t claim to be a chicken expert, but I answer questions to the best of my ability.”

“Children love the little chicks, well, everyone does really,” she says. “And you get the totally organic eggs that come from chickens roaming in your yard.”

If you are interested in her freshly-incubated, egg-hatched chicks to raise or getting your own point-of-lay Isa Brown, White Leghorn, Silky Cross or Australorp hens, then Chicken Lady is here to save the day!

Helen’s passion is clear when she tells us, “I hope to continue the joy and happiness of amazing chicken therapy through the whole Moreton Bay Region. May there be happy cackling hens in every backyard!”

So get cracking folks!

See Helen and her girls from 12-2pm on Fridays and 9am-1pm on Sundays at Redcliffe Feed and Grain on Deception Bay Road, Deception Bay.