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All Part Of The Master Plan

Story: Redcliffe Guide
Nov 03, 2017
All Part Of The Master Plan
New jobs, better tourism experiences and more opportunities for businesses are the hallmarks of a council plan that’s set to breathe new economic life into the Moreton Bay region.

After extensive community consultation and engagement, Moreton Bay Regional Council has unveiled its much-anticipated Redcliffe Foreshore Master Plan and Activation Strategy.

The master plan will promote business and tourism across nine locations from Clontarf to Newport, with the trial and inclusion of food trucks, pop-up vendors, food markets, car shows, annual events and even an inflatable water park.

Mayor Allan Sutherland says the master plan would unlock exciting economic development opportunities for new and existing businesses and spark job growth for residents.

“Private inflatable water park operators have already indicated to council that they’ll be hiring local lifeguards to help run the park, and for our brick-and-mortar shops already on the foreshore, the master plan is a chance for them to extend their footprint through to the shore,” Cr Sutherland says. 

“The new foreshore master plan adds another element to our vibrant foreshore areas for residents and the more than 2.9 million annual visitors who help generate more than $670 million for our local businesses.”

Moreton Bay Regional Council Division 5 Councillor James Houghton says residents, visitors and businesses in Redcliffe have long been champing at the bit for new opportunities at foreshore areas.

“Council has adopted a plan to accommodate new pop-up activities along the Peninsula,” he says.

“Redcliffe’s scenic views, family-friendly atmosphere and close proximity to the rest of South East Queensland make it one of the most sought after destinations for visitors.

“It is exactly why paddle-board operators and other similar vendors have been approaching council to set up their business here.”

Cr Houghton says businesses said the current system for temporary activities was cumbersome and restrictive.

“We’re creating a new streamlined process for businesses to be pre-approved, so they can operate easily across a number of beaches and foreshore areas.”

For information on the new Redcliffe Foreshore Master Plan and Activation Strategy visit 

The nine key locations:

Precinct 1: Clontarf Beach, Pelican and Bells Beach Parks

Precinct 2: Bicentennial and Woody Point Parks

Precinct 3: Scotts Point, Progress, Lahore and Gayundah Arboretum Parks

Precinct 4: Suttons Beach and Margate Beach Parks

Precinct 5: Settlement Cove, Redcliffe Jetty and Captain Cook Parks

Precinct 6:  Queens Beach and Grant Parks

Precinct 7: Scarborough Beach Park and Bill Marsh Lookout

Precinct 8: Thurecht, Jamieson and Tingira Parks

Precinct 9: Endeavour Park