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Bark Up The Right Tree At Pooches Of Petrie

Story: Alyssa Mackay | Photo: Joannafotograf
Published On : Apr 23, 2024
Bark Up The Right Tree At Pooches Of Petrie
Get ready for a morning of tail-wagging fun for the whole family. The inaugural Pooches of Petrie is fetching its way to Hornibrook Esplanade this month, hosted by Federal Member for Petrie Luke Howarth.

Mr Howarth said the idea to host an event for dog owners and businesses stemmed from the shared love people have for their pets. 

“Pets are a part of our family,” he said. “We share our lives and our happiness with them, and I think this event is a great opportunity for people to connect and share this love.

“I have a Doberman named Matilda, or Tilly. She’s a part of our family and we love her.

“This event welcomes everyone within our community to create awareness of different local pet businesses, celebrating the love for our pooches, meeting new people, connecting with community, and ultimately having fun.

“You will get to meet and chat with new people – it is a great way to make new friends.”

Dog-loving attendees can look forward to a day filled with pet-tastic information, meeting local businesses, enjoying food and beverages, raffles and entertainment.

Mr Howarth said the event was a chance to celebrate every dog in attendance.

“Everyone’s dog is special and beautiful in their own unique way,” he said.

Pooches of Petrie
Saturday, 11 May, 8-10am
Hornibrook Esplanade, Woody Point.