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It’s A Bee-autiful Time To Plant Natives

Story: Sally Eberhardt
Published On : Apr 23, 2024
It’s A Bee-Autiful Time To Plant Natives
Autumn is the perfect time to plant a few Australian natives. Cooling soil temperatures and mild conditions allow plants to establish strong root systems before the harsher climate of winter.

Why grow Australian natives in your organic garden?

As well as being low maintenance, our diverse flora is a treasure trove of beautiful plants that attract and sustain wildlife including birds and insects. Insects such as butterflies, bees and wasps provide an essential service to your garden – they transfer pollen from one flower to the next, facilitating fertilisation which results in fruits and seeds.

Land clearing, pesticide use, and urbanisation are causing a decline in insect populations. Establishing a bee-friendly garden will promote the survival of native bees and other pollinators. Select a variety of plants so you have blooms throughout the whole year.

Native plants to consider include

  • trees e.g. flowering gums, lilly pillies

  • large shrubs such as grevilleas, leptospermum, banksias, callistemons

  • smaller shrubs e.g. westringia, dwarf forms of myrtle and banksia

  • ground cover e.g. prostrate varieties of grevillea

Enjoy your gorgeous native plants and the critters they attract – and know that you are contributing to a happy and healthy ecosystem. Well done!