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Tommy Memphis - Born To Entertain You

Story: Sally Eberhardt
Published On : Mar 19, 2024
Tommy Memphis - Born To Entertain You
Singer, dancer and comedian Tommy Memphis is a born entertainer. Described as a cross between Elvis Presley and Monty Python, Tommy loves nothing better than wowing audiences with his high-energy show filled with classic songs from years gone by.

Tommy Memphis said he is looking forward to returning to Redcliffe and connecting with the crowd to create special moments.

“I’m looking forward to creating an awesome energy and vibe with the audience!” Tommy said.

“You want the audience to feel something - and when there’s lots of people feeling the same thing, it creates a collective bond between the people, that lets them escape into a part of themselves, that in everyday life they don’t experience much.”

Tommy honed his skill of keeping people enthralled from the moment he steps on stage until the final curtain drop during the five summers he spent performing at party island Ibiza, Spain. There he entertained audiences that included rowdy backpackers, wealthy European vacationers, and everyone in between.

On his return home, Tommy supported a variety of big acts at some of the best venues in Australia. Finally, he was given the chance to front a large audience and has never looked back. Tommy captivates any audience during his huge three-hour-plus sets of rock ‘n’ roll and country classics, including songs by Elvis, Frankie Valli, Johnny Cash, Alan Jackson, Buddy Holly, Neil Diamond and more.

Tommy said all songs are delivered with the genuine warmth of someone doing what they love.

“I get to make people happy for a living, what better job is there than spreading joy?” Tommy said.

“If I wasn’t entertaining, I would be quite content being a full-time Uber driver for my four children to give my wife a break, haha.”

Luckily for audiences everywhere, Tommy isn’t quitting show business any time soon.

If you attend one of Tommy’s shows, you will walk away feeling good about yourself - that is the Tommy Memphis guarantee.

Tickets are FREE! Let Tommy Memphis bring you an unforgettable night of pure entertainment.

For more information visit

Tommy Memphis
Friday, 19 April, 6pm-9pm
Redcliffe RSL
Irene Street, Redcliffe.