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Musical Production Pays Aretha Respect

Story: Patricia Higgins
Published On : Feb 20, 2024
Musical Production Pays Aretha Respect
Experience the profound theme of Aretha Franklin’s music and life in a spectacular upcoming show at the Redcliffe Entertainment Centre. 

The Moreton Bay rendition of RESPECT The Aretha Franklin Story stars “Australia’s Soul Mama” Angela (Angie) Narayan and is part of a wider tour taking place throughout Australia and New Zealand in 2024.

According to the show’s producer, Monique Cribb of McGee Entertainment, the motivation came from a literal dream in which she saw herself creating a musical production to honour Aretha Franklin’s phenomenal life’s work and performance.

“I wanted to honour her legacy with the highest regard, so when I went looking for a singer who could connect with Aretha’s journey and have a voice to match, I couldn’t go past Australia’s finest soul singer, Angie Narayan,” Ms Cribb said.

Ms Narayan said that at this point she wasn’t entirely sure what she was signing up for but that “every cell in her body told her to go for it”.

“Monique then went ahead and wrote the show, and six months later, a production was born,” Ms Narayan said.

According to Ms Narayan, Aretha Franklin has been one of the greatest musical influences of her life, but there were obviously important considerations to make when taking on the role.

“The biggest challenge to me was when I was figuring out Aretha’s approach to songs, that I still remained authentically ‘Angie’ and I believe I’ve managed to do that,” Ms Narayan said.

As “the OG Diva” and a true trailblazer of her era, Ms. Narayan said that Aretha paved the path for a number of well-known musicians such as Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

“Aretha’s also had such a powerful message that we highlight in the show, which is that everybody deserves respect,” Ms Narayan said.

Ms Narayan said she was excited about getting to spend time in the Moreton Bay region, describing the area as “unbelievably beautiful.”

“I find that Moreton Bay is so passionate about performance and the arts – just really great people,” she said.

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RESPECT The Aretha Franklin Story
Saturday 9 March,
3pm-5:10pm and 7pm-9:10pm
Redcliffe Entertainment Centre
Downs Street, Redcliffe.