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Solve The Mystery Of This Flight Crash

Story: Sally Eberhardt
Published On : May 26, 2022
Solve The Mystery Of This Flight Crash
Looking for something a bit ‘different’ for the kids to do these school holidays that YOU can enjoy too? For three days only, here’s the chance to exercise your problem-solving skills in an Air Crash Investigation themed Escape Room!

Flight JP176 has crashed. There are no survivors. How did this happen? What went wrong? You and your team have just 60 minutes to uncover the truth behind this mysterious plane wreck.

Wild Cherry Events bring Redcliffe this immersive gaming experience where you and up to five friends will try to flee the Air Crash Investigation Escape Room. Time is ticking by – your team must solve all the puzzles in order to escape!

This escape room game features three rooms - the check-in lounge area, the crash site, and the investigation room. You will need to make your way through each room answering questions, completing challenges, and unlocking doors to escape.

A fabulous family activity, it’s suitable for children (recommended age 8+) with an accompanying adult to assist with clues, or groups of teenagers. Cost is $71.50 (including GST) per session for a team of up to six people. For further information and to book, go to

Happy puzzling!

Air Crash Investigation Escape Room
Thursday 23 June, 5pm-8pm and Friday 24 June,  9.30am-8pm
Wild Cherry Events
Shop 9, 303 Oxley Avenue, Margate.