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Suburban Superstar At Blackbird Clothing Exchange

Photo: Bruce Redman
Published On : Apr 24, 2022
Suburban Superstar At Blackbird Clothing Exchange
Local businesswoman, Pru Burke, has been recognised for her outstanding community contributions by the national morning show, Sunrise.

For the past 5 years, Blackbird Clothing Exchange has been supporting the Redcliffe community by offering a clothing exchange service, along with clothes that you can buy for just $1. Pru said her mission is to make clothes more economical and accessible for all.

“I started Blackbird Clothing Exchange because I just knew there was a need for it. My daughter had outgrown clothes that were recently bought,” Pru said. “I knew that if I wanted a smarter and cheaper way to shop, other people would feel the same, so I started a clothing exchange myself.”

Founded in 2017 in Pru’s garage, she initially started with kid’s clothing but very quickly expanded. She now prides herself on having something for everyone.

“We start all the way from infants, to adults. We carry as many sizes as we can, starting from 00000-20 and more. We have winter clothes, summer clothes, men’s and women’s wear, maternity clothing, and kid’s clothing. We also provide free school uniforms.” Pru said.

Earlier this year Blackbird Clothing Exchange was visited by Sunrise after Pru was nominated for the Suburban Superstar award, where she received the greatest number of votes by anyone so far in the competition. She was gifted $10,000 for her outstanding community contributions which she tells us will go towards securing a much bigger store.

“We pride ourselves on accessibility, however, we don’t have good pram access, nor parking - we need to provide our customers with a better place to shop.” Pru said.

When asked how the community can help, Pru said that shopping and spreading the word would help strengthen her mission.

“No matter if you’re a man, woman, non-binary, 82 years old or 20 years old - it doesn’t matter. We really want to be a place where everyone, no matter age or gender, can come and shop.

“Even though we are a business and are here to make money, Blackbird is for the community, and we always will be.”

For more information about the store, visit their Facebook page: www.

Blackbird Clothing Exchange
Open Tuesday - Friday 9am-4pm
(closed 2:30pm-3pm)
Saturday 9am-12pm
100 Oxley Avenue, Woody Point