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Celebrations On Anzac Ave: The Boneyard Collective’s 1st Birthday Bash

Story: Nadia Chapman
Published On : Apr 24, 2022
Celebrations On Anzac Ave: The Boneyard Collective’s 1st Birthday Bash
Whether you like to listen to some of your favourite tunes while drinking a good cup of coffee or not, The Boneyard Collective lets you do both.

And to make matters even better, they are celebrating their first birthday on Saturday, 7 May, with a bunch of wicked fun for everyone.

Owner, Becky Stone said the aim of the celebration is all about thanking and giving back to the local community.

“We just want to acknowledge the wonderful support we have had from the local community so far, and show newcomers what we are all about,” Becky said.

This free event will offer a lovely rotation of live music from young, up and coming bands, stallholders, food trucks, drinks, a DJ, and even a music trivia game.

“We have invited a couple of vintage fashion marketeers, a couple of local food trucks, and a couple of music-focussed artists to set up on the day,” Becky said.

Made up of The Boneyard Espresso and the Boneyard Records & Relics — The Boneyard Collective is a small family-owned business that wanted to bring their love of music and coffee together.

Becky and Leigh always loved the idea of a record store that was so much more than just that — they were both interested in filling a niche gap in the market.

“As people who had led lives surrounded by, involved with, and soundtracked by music…we wanted to make a place that people who loved music could gather and enjoy.”

Becky’s daughter, Ruby, was working at a coffee shop while finishing her university degree. “[So], when we found the premises that we loved, it had the perfect spot for an espresso bar,” Becky said.

“Ruby was initially hesitant, but after some research and soul searching, decided she would go for it. Boneyard Espresso was created and what followed was a hectic four-week fit-out on a shoestring budget and many late nights.”

But the blood, sweat, and tears were worth it for the Stone family as their first anniversary approaches — with continued support from the Redcliffe locals.

The Boneyard Collective 1st Anniversary
Saturday 7 May, 12-6pm
The Boneyard Collective
18 Anzac Ave, Redcliffe.