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Crunchy Sister Clothes Swap

Story: Jodie Woodward | Photo: Pete Johnson
Published On : Nov 30, 2021
Crunchy Sister Clothes Swap
The Crunchy Sister Clothes Swap event aims to create a sense of community and help reduce waste. But what exactly is a crunchy woman?

Maz Gasser, founder of Sacred Woman Services which is hosting the event, said no-one could completely define a crunchy woman as there would always be differences within the group.

The term crunchy is simply used to help women identify a group who may hold similar beliefs, values and lifestyle choices, she said.

But overall, crunchy women are women who try to live life consciously, by being considerate of the environment, their health and their community.

Sacred Woman Services, a women's support service for pregnancy and postnatal care, is looking to extend its offering to other women's support needs in the future. Maz said it was a service for women who wanted to embrace life events as a rite of passage and seek empowerment through their experiences.

As a social worker, woman and mother, I have seen and experienced first hand the need and desire of women to connect with each other for support and encouragement through many significant life events, she said.

At the clothes swap event, like-minded women can bring along their old or unwanted clothes, throw them on a pile and then rummage through to find a new clothing treasure. Any leftover clothing will be donated to a charity.

The wonderful thing about a clothes swap is that it recycles old clothes, therefore helping the environment. It doesn't support fast-fashion consumerism, Maz said.

It also creates a fun space for people to get together, share and give back to their community.

Don't know whether you're crunchy? Maz said anyone was welcome to come along and check out the event.

If people are unsure if they are crunchy but at least some of the values resonate, of course they are welcome. And, even if you're not crunchy and you're just curious, you are still welcome and will be warmly greeted by us.

For more information, visit the Sacred Woman Services
Facebook page.

Crunchy Sister Clothes Swap
Sunday, 16 January, 10am
Jamieson Park
Reef Point Esplanade, Scarborough