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Peninsula Speaks In Moreton Says Survey

Story: Alyssa Mackay
Published On : Sep 28, 2021
Peninsula Speaks In Moreton Says Survey
The results of the first Moreton Says survey are in, and it’s time to find out what the community had to say. 

More than 4,100 people participated in Moreton Bay Regional Council’s community engagement survey, including many residents from the Peninsula.

Division 6 Councillor Karl Winchester said it was great to see the Peninsula score the highest survey participation in the region, representing 21 per cent of total responses.

“We have some great insights. For example, for people who live in Redcliffe, proximity to restaurants, cafes, and shops was more important than for people in Samford Valley or Dayboro,” Karl said.

“Redcliffe had high satisfaction with Council’s management of day-to-day services, particularly with maintenance of beaches and parks, managing waste and recycling.

“The survey also showed us that on the Peninsula, we need to do more work in town planning and protecting and preserving the environment.”

The survey results highlighted three key themes  – pride in the natural beauty of the region, a love of the local lifestyle, and enthusiasm for more recreation and lifestyle options.

“The survey tells us we are heading in the right direction, and puts a greater emphasis on what’s important to our community,” Karl said.

Moreton Bay Regional Council Mayor Peter Flannery said the feedback was released at Council’s community meeting last month.

“This is an important body of work, but it’s a document that will only have real meaning if we act on the expectations you’ve outlined for us,” he said.

“Much of our focus over the past year has rightly been on responding to COVID-19, including financial support for business, rates relief for at-risk locals and massive stimulus spending on construction and community projects.

“But I think the time is right for us to now change gears and look to the longer-term, so that we can deliver on the environmental expectations and lifestyle values you’ve told us you want to see through Moreton Says.”

Moreton Says is a series of region wide surveys Council is undertaking over the next few years. The next survey will occur later this month.

To read the results of the survey go to