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Poems From The Bay

Story: Patricia Higgins   | Photo: Pete Johnson
Published On : Aug 23, 2021
Poems From The Bay
"Ask poet to recite or read in peace” – that’s the entreaty of Peter J Morely, writer of poetry and president of the Rotary Club of Moreton Bay.

Peter performs his work like a busker or a troubadour – for the price of a coin donation you can have him recite a poem, or explore his written works at your leisure.

If you choose the former, you’ll definitely be impressed by words that come forth in rich timbre, describing anything from the raucous excitement of a night at the pub to the haunting quietude of depression.

“I like to take people on a journey and give them something back to make that journey worthwhile, whether that be humorous or sad,” he said.

This is the craft of a true artist, and although Peter is quick to tell you he is unsure about being called a poet in earnest, this published author can be found performing at local events like Margate’s Laneway Markets.

“I call myself a writer of poetry because that has been my focus, but as to performing, I’d like to do a bit more of that and I can definitely ham it up.”

He is the author of Poems from the Bay: Seen from the Heart, and has released an audio book.

“I am interested in social issues, people and life, and I hope that a lot of what I write is cathartic,” he said.

In his other work as Rotary president (he is also Bendigo Bank Margate Branch treasurer), Peter works with community support groups and has enjoyed being a guest speaker at educational institutions in the region.

“I like to speak to young people, I talk to them about how life can be,” he said.

For Peter, the creative process is centred around not only memories, but in writing them down.

“Sit down and write a story about yourself, make it a positive one and reinforce it — you will create your own story line,” he said.

That’s poetry, indeed.

To access Peter’s works search Google Play for “Poems from the Bay” and for professional enquiries email