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Heal Yourself expo: Take Healing Into Your Own Hands

Story: Alyssa Mackay | Photo: Bruce Redman
Published On : Apr 23, 2021
Heal Yourself Expo: Take Healing Into Your Own Hands
Redcliffe residents seeking new ways of leading a healthier life will find a community of like-minded people at the Heal Yourself Expo.

A range of natural and alternative therapies will be on display when the annual two-day expo returns to Hercules Road State School at Kippa-Ring this month.

Event organiser Wayne Pina-Roozemond said one of the main reasons he and a few other people had started the expo 11 years ago was because they had found it incredulous that people were happy to hand over their health to somebody else.

“There’s this basic thing within humans to actually hand over their health journey and let somebody else make the decisions,” Wayne said.

“One of the reasons for doing the expo is to get people to take control of their health by becoming informed and understanding the different things available for them to be able to heal themselves.”

Wayne said he had seen a recent rise in technology within the new age healing space.

“Once upon a time it was based just around crystals, chakras and energy healing. That’s still very important but there seems to be a rise in technology to assist with natural therapies over the past few years.”

The expo will feature some of these newer technologies, such as the Bio-Resonance Health Scan, a non-invasive test that scans your body using electromagnetic frequencies.

Certified Bio-Resonance Health Scan practitioner Angela Gugger said the device’s hand-held rod scanned 39 major health systems, identifying out-of-balance health issues within minutes by reading your cellular energy.

“It gives you a great overview of your general well-being and shows you any imbalances, such as vitamins and minerals, and helps you get back on track with your health,” Angela said.

“I go through the test results with the client, giving advice on how to correct the imbalances, discuss any supplementation, and answer any questions they have.”

Several free workshops will be offered over the weekend, including Restoring Harmony, a guided meditation with Helen Bichel.

A quantum energy healer, Helen said the half-hour healing meditation would be beneficial for anybody, no matter where they were in their spiritual or healing journey.

“It helps with dealing with past emotional situations and trauma as well as old patterns and beliefs,” Helen said. “It’s a very gentle process where people will create an intention for themselves at the beginning of the meditation for what they want to let go of and heal.”

Workshops can be pre-booked by searching Heal Yourself Expo in Facebook events.

Expo entry is $5, children under 13 are free. For the full schedule:

Heal Yourself Expo
Saturday, 22 May and Sunday, 23 May, 9:30am-4:30pm
Hercules Road State School, Kippa-Ring.