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The Komo: Your New Local

Story: Aleasha Bliss
Published On : Mar 20, 2021
The Komo: Your New Local
The Komo has partially opened its doors and the revamped venue’s luxe makeover is set to impress as the final stage is nearing completion.

The public bar, TAB, and gaming room opened on 3 March, and Lewis Leisure hotel manager Chris Allison said the locals that had visited were loving the new look and feel.

“We have been putting some air in the tyres,” Chris said. “It’s been a great few days of pouring some beer and wine, putting the staff in place and getting to know some of the locals.

“The response so far has been really fantastic. The thing about The Komo is that everyone wants it to be a great venue. We felt that from the moment we bought it and there are a lot of positive sentiments towards the venue.

“They want it to be their local and we are doing our best to provide them with that.”

Chris said they were hoping to have a soft opening to the public by Easter, and want to make sure everything is running smoothly before the official Grand Opening in May.

“We are really proud of The Komo,” Chris said. “It is a beautiful venue, and I don’t think I’ve seen any other like it.

“We are really excited about the charcoal rotisserie in particular, and the venue itself has some beautiful soft tones to it and celebrates the ocean and the local area. We are really excited for people to come in and experience something different.”

While patrons await the grand reveal, Chris invites everyone to come in and enjoy the public bar and be amoug the first to see the progress.

“Our gaming room is spacious and a gold class gaming room, with a marble bar set to dark and gold tones,” he said. “The public bar is bright, airy and nothing like the nightclub that used to be there.

“Our public bar has got really nice cold beer, great facilities, excellent TAB, and sporting screens. The staff are really lovely, and the best part is if you come in now you can sneak a peek through the doors and get a preview of the main attraction of the lounge area – it will have booth seats and beautiful, huge pendant lights.”

The Komo
99 Marine Parade