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Buon Natale - Celebrating Art And Pottery

Nov 29, 2020
BUON NATALE -  Celebrating Art and Pottery
Wednesday 9 Dec  to Sunday 10 January 2021

The year 2020 will be remembered by everyone through the events that changed the way we live. Within a short time of hearing the word coronavirus, the whole world was suddenly in lockdown. For many of us, the future never looked more uncertain. Life had indeed changed. In search of activities to keep us grounded during these times, creativity sustained us, becoming an anchor of solace and self-expression. Artists of all disciplines expressed themselves wholeheartedly through the creative process. New skills were learned as we reinvented ourselves while old skills were reinforced.

The Redcliffe Art Society [RAS] and the Redcliffe Pottery Group, both friends and long-standing neighbours, are celebrating together at the Old Fire Station Gallery in an artistic showcase of great talent aptly titled Buon Natale. These works are at prices to suit all budgets, and will be available upon sale, making them authentic gifts at Christmas. An art acquisition can spell hope and joy to many.

Membership enquiries are welcome and more information can be obtained via the contact details below, or speaking with representatives at the gallery.

395 Oxley Avenue Redcliffe Q 4020
(07) 3284 0852
FB: redcliffeartsociety
IG: redcliffeartsociety395