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Follow The Garage Sale Trail

Story: Jodie Woodward | Photo: Bruce Redman
Oct 22, 2020
Follow The Garage Sale Trail
Whether you’re looking to make money or save it, the nationwide Garage Sale Trail is the time to do it.

Participants can choose to host a garage sale at home or online or head out and grab a bargain from one of the many sales listed on the trail. Last year, 400,000 Australians were involved in the weekend-long event, with 18,000 participating garage sales around the country.

Local Garage Sale Trail participant Cathryn Meredith said she liked the idea of her sale being promoted through the event’s website as she hopes the coordinated effort will bring more people to the region, as well as it being an opportunity to declutter her house.

“With COVID and all the restrictions, I decided I just wanted to simplify things,” Cathryn said. “I’ve got so many things just sitting around and I wanted to do a clean out; I’ve got a lot of designer clothes, hats and shoes and racing memorabilia.”

Every garage sale on the trail is unique and gets a sale page to show who’s involved and what’s on offer. Shoppers can search for items of interest and make a trail of sales to check out across the weekend.

Another Redcliffe participant, Belinda Sinclair, is joining in to create space in her house for new things to come.

“I’d like to make a few dollars to help towards my art and gardening plans, but mostly I want to clear the space and see all these wonderful things get a new home,” Belinda said. “I also love the social aspect of these events – this year has been hard for everyone, so I’m looking forward to spreading a bit of joy around.

“In another life, I used to trade at vintage markets and swap meets; a lot of what I’m selling are things I’ve accumulated over the years of being a vintage collector, artist and running art workshops,” Belinda said.

You can find out more about the Garage Sale Trail via

Garage Sale Trail
Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 November
Various locations