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Murphy The Magnificent!

Story: Donna Roberts
Published On : Jun 23, 2020
Growing up in Redcliffe, magician Ben Murphy went from performing at McDonald’s birthday parties to entertaining thousands worldwide.

Ben’s magic act was born from time spent in the Royal Brisbane Children’s Hospital as a child.

“[They] had an amazing kids program called Rainbow Connection, and there were often people doing magic tricks there,” Ben said.

“I would always be fascinated by the magic — annoying the entertainers and begging to be taught the tricks.

“Then I would want to perform the magic I learnt for anyone that would watch.”

From the hospital staff enjoying Ben’s early shows, he would then perform free shows during family picnics to New Farm Park where his parents would watch Ben entertain passers-by. 

From New Farm to New York and everywhere in between, Ben’s talent for magic has seen him travel the world.

In 2009, Ben performed over 300 shows in the USA which were produced by Paul Osborne, who had produced for David Copperfield, Siegfried and Roy and more.

Ben also holds the record for the most live performances of the Houdini Chinese Water Torture Tank trick, beating Houdini himself!

“The feeling of being on stage and right on cue having an entire room laugh, or gasp at an impossible feat is incredible,” Ben said.

“I feel like a music conductor, but the audience is the instrument.

“Nothing beats that feeling of a live show and the energy you get from [it].”

This year has been tough for many, with entertainers hit hard by the pandemic.

“We were home for a break from our shows in China,” Ben said.

“It was 4am on a cold Melbourne morning [while] driving to the airport to return [to China], and my agent rings and informs me quite sternly NOT to board the flight and head back home.

“If we had got on the flight we would still possibly be stuck in China, with no audience, and no clear idea of the future.”

Due to current performance limitations, Ben is offering online interactive magic shows for children’s birthday parties, businesses or just for fun!

Visit for details on how to book live shows or even magic lessons.