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Reflect, Refocus & Reignite

Story: Brad Flynn
Jun 23, 2020
Reflect, Refocus & Reignite
For some businesses, I am expecting something I call the slingshot effect. Just like a slingshot that has the marble in the launch pouch, as the rubber slings are pulled right before it is released at high speed, we have been pulled back and are now under tension and ready to launch into this new era, post COVID-19. Here are some ideas to consider and prepare yourself and your business for.


Spend some time reflecting on the last couple of months. What did you learn about yourself as a business owner, your industry and your customers? One of the things we know about global economies is they are cyclical. Even if it is not a health pandemic as the driver, you can be sure that there will be another similar effect to that we have just experienced, sometime in the future. What do you need to put in place for when this happens next time?


For a lot of us, our usual routines and ways of doing things went out the window when this began. So we have had to make adjustments, some of these may have been a good thing for our businesses, some not so good. Now is the time to begin refocusing on the most important things we need to be doing with consistency. A big part of any businesses success is consistency in completing the right things.


We were all put into various forms of hibernation as was required. Just like when you go to use an old heater that hasn’t been used in a while, we may need to do some checks beforehand to make sure we can reignite it safely again. What do you need to check before you reignite your business? Think about financials, marketing, sales, systems and your team. If you need help in any area of your business, just reach out to your local chamber of commerce. We are offering free membership until the end of 2020 (save $150) visit www.redcliffepeninsulachamb...