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Bold Decision To Benefit The Peninsula

Jun 23, 2020
Bold Decision to Benefit the Peninsula
The Redcliffe Uniting Community HUB will be a space where members of the community of all ages can come and connect with others, access professional human services, or just relax and have a coffee!  The HUB is Redcliffe Uniting Church’s gift to the community, and now it’s another step closer to being built.

After several years of meticulous planning, the Redcliffe Community HUB was looking all set to be built alongside Redcliffe Uniting Church’s existing premises when COVID-19 hit.  Despite these uncertain times, the Church has voted overwhelmingly to press ahead with final design and tender, following Development Approval from Moreton Bay Regional Council.

The final vote was taken amid the escalating COVID-19 crisis. “This was the perfect storm for us,” said lead minister Paul Clark. “Not only did we have to wrestle with the economic uncertainty of the pandemic, but we couldn’t even meet to vote.”

“Our leaders had a crisis meeting to decide what we should do,” said Rev Clark. “I was expecting to hear, ‘let’s sit and wait’, but that’s not what happened.” 

The church leadership acknowledged the challenging times and that past assumptions were now more fluid. Amidst some caution, but with much inspiration, the leadership concluded that a pandemic was just such a crisis the Community HUB was meant to address, and the decision was taken to set up online voting.

Church Council Chair Bob Zander said, “After the pandemic, people will be looking for somewhere to go where they can put their lives back together.”

Project Chair Tony Hunter said, “If the church failed to act at a time like this, what is the point of being a church?

"We already have great services like Encircle and the Breakfast Club operating in Redcliffe, and we will work closely with them. The Community HUB will have a range of complementary services in one location, offering holistic help," Tony said.

It’s time to begin imagining a community coming together with the needed infrastructure to help improve people’s lives in the region for years to come.

The HUB is set to open in late 2021. If you would like to be part of this exciting vision in any way, please contact the church at