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Tuned In To The Spirit Of Anzac

Apr 08, 2020
Tuned in to the  Spirit of Anzac
What do you do on that ‘one day of the year’— the day that sees young and old rise early from bed, before dawn, to gather en-masse at local Anzac memorials, to remember those who have served our country —and that gathering can’t happen because of the COVID-19 public health risk?

You come together as a community, identify your needs and resources to still deliver for the Spirit of Anzac. And that’s exactly what happened in a room in mid-March between Cheryl Barrett, vice president of the Redcliffe RSL and 99.7 Bridge FM board members Darryl Brooker and Bev Dawson.

“Fortunately, our president Mr Neville Cullen suggested that we collaborate with 99.7 Bridge FM to broadcast a very special Anzac Service to the community on the morning of April 25,” said Cheryl. “It’s unconventional but we are still honouring those who fell fighting for our freedom as well as our Veteran community at large.”

Starting at 5:30am, the broadcast will include all the trimmings of dawn services past—the Invocation, hymns, readings and prayers—and, of course The Last Post and Reveille.

It will be a condensed service and sections will be pre-recorded out of necessity, but 99.7’s very own Big Jon (Jonathon Twartz) is both excited and humbled to be hosting.

“Our station is all about community and we are up for this honour and this challenge,” said Big Jon. “We are also encouraging people to show solidarity, as has been suggested on social media, by standing at the end of their driveways as the sun comes up. How awesome would it be to fill all our streets with the sounds of this special broadcast—together but at a distance—tuned in on portable radios, and remembering?”

Anzac Day Special Broadcast
5:30am, Saturday, 25 April, 2020
Tune into 99.7 Bridge FM from the end of your driveway!