Page 70 - Redcliffe Guide April 2021 Issue
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 Beyond Redcliffe
 Scotty’s Museum
Story Jenn Carrington Photos Warwick Green
“It all came about with buying the 1956 Thunderbird car, so when it was 40 years old, I started collecting all this,” Scotty said.
On arrival at the Barn, the ‘56 Thunderbird is parked out front amongst a plethora of vehicle parts, vintage memorabilia, and the entry to the Garage.
This is where you will find Scotty doing museum tours while his wife Sarah runs The Barn, catering for hungry and thirsty visitors.
Once inside the Garage, it’s mesmerising to walk amongst the restored cars and motorcycles of a bygone era, and notice the tribute to the days of poodle skirts and slick rockabilly pompadours, carried through to the T-Bird Diner.
With the juke box filled with tunes from Elvis to Buddy Holly, and a dance floor to ruffle skirts and jive the night away, the T-Bird Diner evokes the fun and authenticity of the era.
“I grew up in the ‘70s, but it’s the simplicity and the innocence of the time compared to where we are now; and when things were cool, even the cars of the time were stylish, influential and individual,” Scotty said.
“ Sunday, Monday, Happy Days Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days Thursday, Friday, Happy Days The Weekend Comes
My Cycle Hums
Ready To Race To You
Oh Happy Days!”
This song from the 1970s and ‘80s iconic hit TV show Happy Days entered my head the moment I stepped foot inside Scotty’s Garage and the T-Bird Diner.
The 1950-1960s inspired museum and restaurant the Barn is nestled on three-and-a-half acres of lush Lockyer Valley farmland and it’s a life-long dream come true for proud co-owner Scotty Wright.
“In 2011, just after the floods, we started to build the garage,” Scotty said. “But I’ve been collecting since 1996.

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