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Blarney Stone At The Jumping Goats Bar

Blarney Stone at the Jumping Goats Bar

Featured Event

Thu 29 Jul
Time : 6pm - 9pm
Where : Jumping Goats Bar
Blarney Stone is coming to Margate every Thursday, and they’re bringing the Celtic music scene with them.

Performing at the Jumping Goats Bar on Thursday, 1 July, Blarney Stone will showcase an energetic mix of folk styles and instruments.

Owner of the Jumping Goats Bar Peta Thames said she was thrilled to be working with Blarney Stone.

“I'm delighted to bring Blarney Stone to Margate,“ Peta said. “They've delighted audiences around Queensland for years with their authentic Celtic sound.”

But locals can expect a unique twist to this regular performance.

“It’s much more interactive; in Ireland, members of the audience can participate by singing along, or accompanying with an instrument, and that's what these Thursday nights will be all about.”

If you fancy a singalong, come down to the Jumping Goats Bar every Thursday from 1 July.

Blarney Stone will perform from 6-9pm.