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Three Legends In Concert

Three Legends in Concert

Featured Event

Sun 11 Apr
Time : 2pm
Where : Redcliffe Entertainment Centre
Address : Downs Street, Redcliffe
Experience Normie Rowe AM, Dinah Lee, and Jade Hurley OAM, as they take to the stage in a one-time-only tour at Redcliffe Entertainment Centre. These three superstars will have you ‘shakin' all over’ as you are taken back in time to the '60s.

These three music legends took Australia by storm, with Normie, Dinah, and Jade each creating lasting classic careers. Still popular today, their top hits are played on classic commercial radio stations.

Dinah Lee hit fame in 1964 with her debut single Don’t you know Yockomo?, soaring to the top of the charts before following up with a further 14 top hits. She is still known as the Queen of the Mods – a term given to her for her modern fashion trends.

Dinah said audiences could expect a great concert that’s full of fun. “It’s great music with a beat that you can tap your feet to and have a bit of fun,” she said.

Dinah said it had been 57 years since her first single was released; she has slowed down quite a bit but still loved the stage.

“I still enjoy singing these songs,” she said. “It’s what the audience wants to hear and while I can still get out there and do the music – why not? I might not be able to party like I used to but while I can keep singing, I will.”

Dinah said she had performed many shows in the past with both Normie and Jade, and said she had also shared Johnny O’Keefe as a manager with Jade.

“Normie came through the Vietnam War and I entertained the troops there in the '60s,” she said. “We have been through the hard times and kept hanging in there with our music. We have still got the go-get-em attitude to continue to entertain our audience.”

Along with her big hits, Dinah will be throwing in some surprises for the audience and the three of them will do a few pieces together between their individual performances.

“It’s been a great career for me,” Dinah said. ”I came up through the Beatles era, with audiences going wild and trying to rip their clothes off – Normie had a bit of that in his day. Although, I doubt that will happen this time around.

“It makes me happy to see people enjoying the music and having a good time. Most of the time everyone knows the words and are singing along as well. It’s great – even if I forget the words they will sing those forgotten words as well.”

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Three Legends in Concert
Sunday, 11 April, from 2pm
Redcliffe Entertainment Centre
Downs Street, Redcliffe