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David Gray

David Gray

Featured Event

Fri 18 Sep
Time : 6pm
Where : Redcliffe RSL
Address : Irene Street, Redcliffe
Get ready for a night of fun as David Gray covers songs from the past six decades at the REDCLIFFE RSL. 

David performs in a range of genres including pop, rock, country, rock-and-roll, ballads and disco. He’s also well-known for his love of wearing tartan while performing.

“Because I am originally from Scotland, I wear a lot of tartan outfits on stage – be it my suits or my kilts,” he said. “A patron at a club once called me The Tartan Terror. I thought that was a great nickname and would set me aside from all the other solo acts on the club circuit, and everyone would remember me. So, I stole it from her.”

David started out as a drummer from the age of 12. Later, while touring internationally with an ABBA tribute show, he discovered he could also sing. He hasn’t stopped since.

“My main influences are acts from the 80s pop and rock era,” he said. “Being a singing drummer, I was always drawn to musicians like Don Henley from the Eagles and Peter Criss from KISS.

“I thought it was wonderful how they were able to play drums and sing at the same time, so I feel very fortunate to have been given that gift also.”

David’s career highlights have included travelling the world for four years performing as a drummer and singer, and watching his own UK Bee GeeZ show become one of the favourite tribute acts around Australia. He’s also performed on the same bills as acts like The Village People, John Paul Young, Marcia Hines and Leo Sayer.

At the Redcliffe RSL show, David said to expect plenty of songs you know and love and a good dose of audience participation.

“I guarantee if you come along and spend the evening with The Tartan Terror, you will have sore feet and sore voices the next day,” David said.

To find out more, visit the Dave Gray Singer page on Facebook.

David Gray
Friday 18 September, 6pm
Redcliffe RSL
Irene Street, Redcliffe