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Shantyman & Friends Sea Shanties

Shantyman & Friends Sea Shanties


Sun 07 Mar
Time : 5pm - 7pm
Where : Jumping Goats Bar
Address : 4/295 Oxley Ave, Margate, 4019
Shantyman and Friends started with the enthusiasm for life, love of the sea and song.

We will sing to you - Songs of the Sea, the romance and history of journeys, tragedies  and discoveries, along with the stories of the lives of those who sailed upon her mighty seas. 

Shanties are stories to be told of common folk enduring hard  times & good times. Those that were lost and those that returned against all odds.
Shantyman and Friends will entertain you and we encourage you join in. Our sessions will be creative, responding to the crew or hands at hand. It may include Acapella sing alongs, call and refrain interspersed with the twinkling of soft Celtic lyrics and instruments; whistle, concertina, and guitar. We hope to encourage all landlubbers to sing along, no experience is necessary, just the wish to share in the nautical adventure of sea salt and spray as we  haul the main sail and set the rigging for an evening of fun music, pillage and mayhem.