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Qld State Optimist Championships

QLD State Optimist Championships

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Sun 26 Jan
Time : 10am - 4pm
Where : Humpybong Yacht Club
Address : 236 Hornibrook Esplanade, Woody Point
In a massive coupe, Humpybong Yacht Club will be hosting a major junior sailing event. Girls and boys aged seven to twelve years old will battle it out in the waters off Woody Point, in the Queensland State Optimist Championships.

Yachting Queensland president and Humpybong Yacht Club's Discover Sailing principal, Matthew Johnson, said the racing was a key component and fundamental reason as to why they were here.

“Going to these regattas is also so much more about a social aspect for these kids and learning to interact with other sailors,” Matthew said.

Optimist is the national junior class where they teach kids to sail. The optimists are two-metre white hulled dinghies, which the kids will sail over a course of about 400 to 500 metres in length.

The kids need to be a member of an affiliated sailing club within Australia, and a member of a state association.

There’ll be three separate divisions. The Open Fleet and Intermediate Fleets will sail further out into more open air, while the Green Fleet for the beginners will stay closer to shore, in front of the clubhouse.

One local to cheer on is Nessen Carmody, who won the Intermediate division, back in September, at the Queensland Youth Championships. Nessen will be competing in the Open Fleet at these championships.

Matthew said the Green Fleet race is a much shorter course with simplified rules, and the coaches sit alongside the sailors, talking them around the course the whole way.

“A couple of years ago we had an eight-year-old girl who took her teddy bear, so she had her teddy bear crew with her,” Matthew said.

All fleets will be close enough to be visible from the jetty and foreshore, especially since the kids could be decorating their hulls with crazy wild designs.

This will make the Woody Point waterfront, with its established facilities, a great place to spend the long weekend.

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2020 Queensland State Optimist Championships
Saturday 25 January, 10am to 4pm
Sunday 26 January, 10am to 4pm
Monday 27 January, 10am to 4pm
Humpybong Yacht Club
236 Hornibrook Esplanade,
Woody Point.