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The Return Of The Backyard Party This Australia Day

The Return of the Backyard Party this Australia Day
Sat 26 Jan
Time : 9am - 11:30pm
Where : Redcliffe Leagues Club
What do you picture when you imagine the ultimate Australian backyard party?  If thong throwing and cane toad racing immediately come to mind then you’re in luck this Australia Day.

Redcliffe Leagues Club is hosting a ‘Return of the Backyard Party’ for anyone who wants to celebrate in “ripper Aussie fashion”. The day’s line-up will include a thong throwing competition, toad races, beer pong, live music, prizes for best dressed and the quintessential Aussie BBQ.

Club spokesman and event co-organiser Daniel Kelly gives us a brief overview of the key parts of the day, and tips to master these unique Australian pastimes.

“Beer Pong has become a staple of backyard parties around the country and we want to test our patrons’ skills. It is a contest of skill, not drinking ability,” he said.

“Players will pair up with a partner and compete in a knockout competition for the title of Redcliffe’s Best Beer Pong Players. The players take turns trying to land a ping pong ball into one of the competitors’ cups. When one lands a ball in all of the cups, they win and move on to the next round.”

Daniel goes on to explain that the competition cups will be filled with water, “It’s important to stay hydrated.”

For the thong tossing competition, he encourages patrons to bring their own footwear to toss – if it is up to the task.

“If you think your pair of pluggers is aerodynamic enough, by all means, toss them. However, we will provide spare thongs for the competition, should you decide you want to keep your shoes on your feet.”

Mr Kelly said training for either of the events was optional, although generally “the more amateur the better”.

The day’s events will end in true Aussie style with an AC/DC Tribute starting at 8pm. Find out more about Australia Day at Dolphins on Facebook.

Australia Day at Dolphins

Saturday, 26 January 2019
9am – 11.30pm.
Redcliffe Leagues Club

Find out more about Australia Day at Dolphins on Facebook.