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Story: Donna Roberts | Photo: Ben McShea
Jan 24, 2020
Edit Tattoo
Kelly Lojen has spent the past seven years painstakingly removing regretted tattoos from the skin of local residents.

“I started chatting to the newly-tattooed asking them what happens if they don’t like them,” Kelly said.

“Their response was ‘I don’t know’, so I began a quest to find out how to remove them and what’s involved.”

A myriad of factors can influence the speed and success of removal, including the colours used, placement on the body, the client’s skin type and even their metabolism.

“Most tattoos take an average of eight treatments to remove, however some can take up to 15 treatments and some tattoos can never be fully removed,” Kelly said.

“Other tattoos such as shading, amateur or old tattoos can take as little as one or two treatments.”

Kelly has had many success stories as a professional laser tattoo removalist.

“I have had a lot of wins, such as an 86-year-old wanting to remove his old army tattoos that his wife always hated,” Kelly said.

“When she passed, he decided to honour her by removing them.”

Perhaps her biggest success story is a client named John, who phoned Kelly to explain his vicious cycle.

“John had a rough life, had been in the wrong crowd and had some offensive facial tattoos... he explained it was a vicious cycle of being unable to change his life as he couldn’t get a job and had to revert back to the old ways of making money,” Kelly said.

“He really wanted a normal job and normal life but couldn’t afford to change his facial tattoos, therefore [he was] unable to break the cycle.

“We have successfully removed almost all of his facial tattoos [and] he has noticed how differently people treat him, how much friendlier they are towards him.”

Kelly’s has some advice for those considering a tattoo.

“Don’t get a tattoo thinking it can be removed,” Kelly said.

“As much as I love meeting you all, tattoo removal isn’t easy, it hurts and it costs more than your tattoo.”

253 Anzac Ave, Kippa Ring
Ph: Kelly - 0417 894 606