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A Dream Realised: Lynelle Leighton And Abbalive

Story: Nadia Chapman | Photo: Ben McShea
Jan 24, 2020
A Dream Realised: Lynelle Leighton  and ABBALIVE
Lynelle Leighton never knew how successful ABBALIVE would be after she put the production together, back in 2003. “At the first show, I was so nervous that the venue manager walked up to me and handed me a stiff scotch and said ‘drink this — you look like you need it!’”

Lynelle has been an integral part of the music industry for 30 years, as a pianist, vocalist and teacher. She also takes pride in performing around the Redcliffe Peninsula as a solo performer, and in ABBALIVE.

“My role on stage, of course, is the part of ANNA, who I grew up idolising and wanting to be since I was 7, and I have been fortunate enough to make my dream a reality,” Lynelle said.

ABBALIVE is now recognised as one of the most authentic reproductions of ABBA and is currently in its fifteenth year of success.

Even though ABBALIVE has opened up many avenues for Lynelle, solo performances take her back to her roots, and she loves performing around the Redcliffe Peninsula.

“I mainly play solo at Dolphins Leagues Club and the Ambassador Hotel — however, my most successful production, ABBALIVE, has appeared at Dolphins Leagues Club, Redcliffe RSL, The Belvedere Hotel, and most recently at the Redcliffe Entertainment Centre,” Lynelle said.

“I love the [Redcliffe] location — it’s so nice to perform with the beautiful sea breeze, and being able to look out at the ocean. I also love the relaxed atmosphere.”

On top of the busy schedule of her musical career, Lynelle also teaches at her own school, The Hills Music Centre.

“The school grew to 180 students a week with 8 staff, however, a couple of years after my daughter was born, it became too much to juggle so I went back to performing and teaching privately at home,” Lynelle said.

Lynelle continues to offer solo performances around the Redcliffe Peninsula, North Brisbane and South Brisbane. If you want to see Lynelle perform, she has a free show coming up at the Ambassador Hotel on 7 February.

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