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Redcliffe Wins Hearts Of 'great White' Film Makers

Story: Sally Eberhardt
Nov 23, 2019
Redcliffe Wins Hearts of
Hollywood glamour visited Redcliffe in early November with the action-packed survival thriller, ‘Great White’, being filmed at the northern end of Queens Beach. While the location was chosen for its scenic attribute of having an uninterrupted horizon, what the film crew couldn’t predict was the warmth and co-operation of the local community.

Pam Collis, one of the movie producers, said filming in Redcliffe was a very happy on-location experience.

“On the first day here, we found a box of fruit near one of our wagons. We couldn’t find who ordered it, but our caterer cut it up for our afternoon tea.”

“The next day there was another mysterious gift of fruit left. On the third day we staked out the spot, but they somehow still delivered a box unseen.”

“Then I found a receipt from ‘Discount Fruit Barn Rothwell’ and phoned them for more information. The manager of the Fruit Barn was sending the gift boxes as a ‘Thank you’ to us for bringing more business to the area. In my 25 years of filmmaking, that’s a first.“

“The local council was great to deal with and the local people were very considerate and respectful. Even builders would take time out from construction when the crew needed quiet for a shoot,” Pam said.

‘Great White’ is inspired by true events and taps into our primal fear of the deep ocean and its apex predator, the Great White Shark.

American actress, Katrina Bowden, of ’30 Rock’ fame, stars alongside Australia’s own, Aaron Jakubenko, who featured in Tidelands. The pair play seaplane operators who become stranded out at sea and must make their way to land whilst being hunted by two huge sharks.

Director, Martin Wilson, said they will give the audience a unique experience by keeping it as real as possible.

‘Great White’ is slated for release in 2021. Keep an eye out for this suspenseful movie that combines horror and thrills with our age-old fascination for deadly predators.

While the movie itself is scary, it’s comforting to know that the cast and crew found filming in Redcliffe such a heartwarming experience.