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Kiters Take To The Skies

Story: Jodie Woodward
Oct 25, 2019
Last year’s Brissie Big Air trial event was such a success, Brisbane kiters are lining up to do it again this year at Scarborough. The kiteboarding event will include Big Air, Biggest Crash and Most impressive trick, as well as performances from Redcliffe kiteboarder and current national under-18 champion, Leo Verrecchia.

Kiteboarding Queensland’s Brisbane area manager and event organiser, Michael Gill-Bailey, said he expected more than 300 people to attend the event in November.

“We have a bigger wireless PA and music system this year and hopefully, over time, it will become an international event,” Michael said.

As the name suggests, Brissie Big Air requires the right conditions to be a success, so it has no firm date; rather it takes place on the first windy weekend in November. Attendees are encouraged to stay updated via Facebook where the dates will be posted once confirmed.

Michael said Queens Beach North was the ideal kiteboarding location because of its deep water, south-east to north-easterly winds and its “long stretch of grass for spectator viewing.”

For Michael the event should be equally exciting for spectators as well as competitors.

“People coming to the event should bring sunscreen, a hat and be ready to see some spectacular kiting and entertainment,” he said.

The Brissie Big Air event raises opportunities for new and existing kiters, offers fun watching for spectators in the local community, and provides some inspiration for those who might be thinking of taking up kiting for the first time. However, if you are keen to give it a go, Michael has some words of warning for you.

“My best advice to someone taking up kiteboarding is to have professional lessons, as most accidents or injuries are from self-taught people,” he said.

Admission for spectators is free. You can find out more via or search for the Brissie Big Air event listing on Facebook.

Brissie Big Air Event
The first windy weekend in November, 11am – 4.30pm
Check the Brissie Big Air event listing on Facebook for confirmed dates.
Queens Beach North, Scarborough.