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Pete Cullen And The The Hurt

Story: Donna Roberts | Photo: Lucas Shapland
Oct 25, 2019
Local boy, Pete Cullen, never expected to be performing music on stages in front of 5000 people, when he was playing with his mates as a teenager, on the beaches at Scarborough.

“I was born and bred in Redcliffe – I still go for the Dolphins!” Pete said.

“I grew up in Scarborough and went to school at De La Salle and my parents live in Scarborough.

“I love Scarborough beach; I like taking my dog for a walk along the water.”

Pete describes his music genre as ‘Americana’, encompassing old school musical influences, such as Hank Williams, Bo Diddley and Mississippi John Hurt.

“I don’t really fit into a genre – a bit of blues, country, soul, rock'n'roll, rockabilly, jazz,” Pete said.

Formerly of local Redcliffe band, the Daybridges, Pete’s music career stalled, when the band split after six years together.

“The Daybridges had some success, but broke up in about 2006,” Pete said.

“I didn’t play for about five years and then by chance I met the guys from the SBS show Rockwiz and recorded my debut album, Tom Whisky Blues.

“At the moment we have Redcliffe local Damon Joel Syme (on drums), Rupert Jenner on lead guitar and Mick Luciow (Daybridges alumni) on bass.

“I really think the guys who play in The Hurt are world-class musicians and I am very fortunate to be in a band with them and more importantly to have them as mates.”

Pete has recently launched his fifth album, High Tide, and is looking forward to travelling to Nashville next year to record some more music.

If you’re keen to head out and catch Pete live, he has some upcoming dates.

“We have a cool Sunday afternoon show coming up at the Junk Bar in Ashgrove, on [Sunday] 8 December, and then we head to Tamworth Country Music Festival, where we are headlining the Americana Showcase,” Pete said.

To learn more about Pete Cullen and The Hurt, visit petecullenandthehurt on Instagram or You can also find his tracks on Spotify and Apple Music.