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A Bucket-load Of Respect

Published On : Oct 25, 2019
A Bucket-load of RESPECT
Guest speaker at this month’s RESPECT Business Breakfast, Trav Bell, had a bucket list even before it became a ‘thing’. Around eight years ago someone gave him the moniker, ‘The Bucket List Guy’ because of “all the crazy and interesting things I’d done in my life up until then”.

From the age of 18 he has had a ‘To Do Before I Die List’. Fast forward a couple of decades or so, there was a hit movie named, ‘The Bucket List’, and the concept is now a global phenomenon.

Today Trav, ‘The Bucket List Guy’, is a globally recognised thought leader on the idea of attacking life and “helping others wake up and live theirs before it’s too late”.

When it comes to Trav’s own bucket list has has “done about 300 things (with) another 300 to do”.

Among strange things he has ticked off is going to the Eurovision Song Contest Final in Germany – “the Burning Festival was an eye-opener too”. 

When it comes to terrifying bucket list items, Trav says, “I REALLY challenged my comfort zone my signing-up to be a nude model for an art class. I don’t know why I did it. But it makes for a hell of a story!”

Redcliffe Peninsula Chamber of Commerce President, and an organiser of RESPECT Business Breakfast, Brad Flynn, said Trav would help reconnect attendees at the event to their purpose.

“What Trav will do at his event is inspire people around having a bucket list (a list of things to do before you kick the bucket). Things you can do when you have your business giving you that freedom and choice, you may have started it for,” Brad said.

The business breakfast at Redcliffe State High School on Thursday 7 November is the latest event being held in support of the ‘Respect Project’ .

For more information and to secure tickets search for RESPECT Business Breakfast at You can find out more about Trav at

The Bucket List Guy – RESPECT Business Breakfast

Thursday 7 November, 7am
Redcliffe State High School
Cnr Klingner Road and Oxley Avenue, Redcliffe