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Lunchtime: A Feast For The Ears

Story: Donna Roberts | Photo: Ben McShea
Sep 18, 2019
Lunchtime: A Feast for the Ears
Self-described by drummer, Tim, as a ‘bubble-blowing, mintie-throwing mix of punk rock and grunge’, local band, Lunchtime, is sure to be a feast for your ears.

Lunchtime was founded in 2016 by identical twins, Constance Grafos (vocals/guitar) and Eden Grafos (vocals/bass/keyboard), along with high school classmate, Lachlan Quinn, on guitar. The band was joined by Tim Ward, on drums, last year.

Originally known as ‘Upfall’ – the opposite of downfall – they sought to change their moniker.

“[We] hated it and tried to brainstorm for weeks, then one night Eden said the only thing we have in common is food and school so she said ‘What about Lunchtime?’ and it just suited,” Constance said.

With a long list of hard rock and punk influences, including Brisbane-based band, Violent Soho, and Blink 182, the band was always going to be high-energy.

“During the filming of our first music video, ‘Hate is a Noun’, we used our dad as an extra and accidentally set him on fire,” Constance said.

Having played at many Brisbane and Moreton Bay locations, Lunchtime has many stories to tell.

“At Ric’s Bar one night, Lachie jumped into the crowd to do a guitar solo and a drunk guy started licking the neck of his guitar,” Constance said.

“At one of our biggest gigs to date, the Outmoshyama Festival, our drummer showed up five minutes before our set, so we missed sound-check and almost got booted from the line-up.”

Featured on Triple J Unearthed, Lunchtime’s single ‘Show N Tell’ was described by Unearthed’s music director, Dave Ruby Howe, as a ‘cracking mix of attitude and shreddery’.

Having released a number of singles, Lunchtime is now making plans to record an album.

“We are going into the studio in the next month to record an album, in the meantime our latest single, ‘Deception Bay’, is available,” said Constance.

“Then we are planning to go on tour.

"Then take over the world.”

With upcoming gigs in Fortitude Valley, world domination cannot be far away.

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