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Ideas Fuel For Redcliffe Vision

Sep 18, 2019
Ideas Fuel for Redcliffe Vision
The Moreton Maritime Alliance has some big ideas to revitalise the Peninsula and support its long-term growth, some of which featured at a recent exhibition.

The recent Moreton Bay Futures – Scarborough Harbour Design exhibition was organised by the alliance, in collaboration with the Redcliffe Peninsula Chamber of Commerce and the University of Queensland Architecture School master’s students.

The exhibition featured elements of the alliance’s plan for the region, as well as students' ideas for economic and tourism opportunities at Scarborough Harbour.

Moreton Maritime Alliance director and Chamber president, Brad Flynn, said feedback from the exhibition had been “tremendously positive”.

The students' ideas included marine research facilities, museums, restaurants and more.

Mr Flynn said the students' designs acted as “a conversation starter” for the alliance’s strategic plan for Moreton Bay to become a world-class maritime precinct.

The plan incorporates marine-driven tourism, infrastructure, industry, education, environment, culture, management and employment. One proposal is for a Great Sand Island Trek, to attract global hikers to Bribie Island, Moreton Island and Stradbroke Island with a fast ferry network connecting major hubs such as Scarborough.

The alliance is continuing to engage with stakeholders about its plan for the region. Find out more at