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Rockin' 4 The Homeless: Interview With The Superjesus & You Am I

Story: Donna Roberts
Jul 24, 2019
Australian rock and roll royalty will join with our finest local bands for Rockin’ 4 the Homeless this month.

The Superjesus’ frontwoman, Sarah McLeod, and You Am I’s bassist, Andy Kent, sat down to answer some questions about their bands and the upcoming event.

How did you come up with your band name?

Sarah: We were called Hell’s Kitchen first, then on the eve of our first big gig at the Big Day Out, we changed it to The Superjesus. We basically chucked two buzz words together to make a band name.

Andy: No idea. It sounds like a Japanese horror film to me – should have been changed years ago!

What are your favourite types of gigs to play?

Sarah: I like the intimate ones the best, they suit my style more. I’m a chatter, I like to converse with the crowd and stuff around a bit.

Andy: I love huge gigs – 20 000+ and also tiny clubs where you can feel the breath of the crowd on your leg.

How did you get involved in Rockin’ 4 the Homeless?

Sarah: One of the organisers was working with the Hoodoo Gurus on the Under The Southern Stars Tour that we were playing on. He asked us if we would be interested and it’s such a good cause we jumped at it.

Andy: Dan [Nebe] asked and we just said ‘Where do we need to be and when, Dan?’

What does the cause mean to you?

Sarah: I can’t even imagine being homeless, especially in this weather. But not having a place to lay your bags, that endless feeling of loneliness and feeling lost, it breaks my heart.

Andy: Homelessness should not be happening in such a civilised country as our own, for whatever reason – financial, domestic violence, mental illness. People deserve society in general to be there for them. For one hour onstage we will be with them.

What are you looking forward to at R4TH?

Sarah: Hanging out with You Am I because I adore them.

Andy: Raising money.

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