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Aussie Humour Makes Its Way To Redcliffe

Story: Nadia Chapman
May 28, 2019
If you remember the classic comedy series ‘Pauly’s Fat Pizza’ and ‘Housos’, then get ready for some laughs at the Deadly Down Under tour when it hits the peninsula this month.

The Captain Cook Tavern presents Pauly’s solo Deadly Down Under on Saturday 1 June, where comedian Paul ‘Pauly’ Fenech will bring his special brand of humour including elements of his new TV series.

After a sell-out tour in 2018, Paul has worked on developing the funniest, most Australian show you could possibly think of. Being crowned the ‘new prince of rude’, Paul delivers a diverse sense of ‘Aussie’ hilarity to his shows.

“I’ve always been naturally cheeky so I love doing comedy, but doing comedy about real Australian characters is my real passion — most TV is just pretty boys and models faking it, comedy is much better,” Paul said.

The Deadly Down Under tour will showcase Paul’s much loved and outrageous ‘bogan’ humour that closely follows his popular TV series. There will be crowd games, parody songs, and Paul’s alter egos Pauly and Franky Falzoni will even make an appearance.

“During our show, people get slapped on the face with my own personal thong, we also have beer sculling live on stage, how Aussie is that?” Paul said.

Creating two well-known comedy shows that uniquely portray ‘bogan’ humour has given Paul many great opportunities — including the time ‘Housos’ won a Logie for ‘Most Outstanding Light Entertainment Program’ in 2014.

“Winning a Logie was great, but last year I got to play a small role in Paul Hogan’s new movie, it has some massive stars in it, like John Cleese and Mel Gibson. How can you beat that?” Paul said.

Paul is serious about providing the best comedy to our Redcliffe locals, even if some thong slapping is on the agenda.

“It’s a great part of the world, real Aussies with a great sense of humour,” he said.

You can purchase your tickets for Deadly Down Under at


Saturday 1 June, 7-10pm
Captain Cook Tavern
Peninsula Fair, Anzac Ave, Kippa-Ring