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It’s Never Too Late For Love.

Story: Sally Eberhardt
May 28, 2019
It’s never too late for  love.
A Redcliffe mid-life dating expert is offering hope to women looking for love in later life.

Beverley Rilatt-Richardson helps women, intimidated by the idea of putting themselves out there again, to overcome that “feeling that life is passing you by”. Instead she reminds her clients that “this can be the time of (their) life”.

“I teach that it’s NEVER too late for love, by working with women to prepare them to feel confident about attracting a quality partner – despite divorce, messy breakups or how they feel about themselves,” Beverley said.

Drawing on her own experience of being widowed at age 67 after 31 years with her beloved husband, Beverley understands the insecurities that can plague a woman considering dating again.   

“You start worrying about your physical appearance and doubting if anyone will want you.” 

After a period of grieving, Beverley looked for purpose in life and found herself at a Heart Intelligence Retreat where the feminine and sensual woman within her emerged after 50 years.

“At 72 I started dating again and fell in love at 74 – with a much younger man!” Beverley said.

Now known as ‘The Feminine Guru’ and having appeared on SBS, Beverley teaches other women and shares her tips.

“On the first date don’t try to be ‘on your best behaviour’ — just be your authentic self.  He wants to ‘get a feel’ (emotionally) of what you’d be like to be around. If you’re overly cautious, you risk coming across as rather bland, and he could lose interest.”

“If you feel nervous — take two or three deep breaths to help you relax, so you don’t just talk about you, and ask questions to help him share more about himself so you can decide if you’d like to continue dating him or not.“

“Men love the feminine and sensual in women, whatever their age. And there is nothing sexier than a confident woman!”

Beverley invites you to a free 30 minute chat about how to become confident and ready for the love you deserve! Contact Beverley or learn more at