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Furthering Aboriginal Culture: A Lifelong Passion

Apr 25, 2019
Furthering Aboriginal Culture: A Lifelong Passion
Aboriginal artwork is much more than a business for the owner of Clontarf’s Dreamtime Kullilla-Art, Michael Connolly – it’s a lifelong passion and key to furthering “knowledge, understanding, and respect for Aboriginal culture”.

Michael, who is a renowned Aboriginal artist, craftsman, performer, and facilitator, moved to Redcliffe in 1989 after meeting and marrying his wife, Jo. He originally hails from Charleville, where he first developed an interest in art.

“My father gave me a few didgeridoo sticks that we cut and I started to paint them. I was very raw at that stage – my artistic talent was only just evolving,” Michael said.

Michael is also an accomplished didgeridoo player and has performed at high profile events across Australia and overseas, but this was a talent that emerged later on.

“The funny thing is that I did not know how to play the didgeridoo and actually did a TAFE Course at Sandgate High School which took about six lessons with John Bowden, and as they say, the rest is history.”

Dreamtime Kullilla-Art’s humble beginnings go back 25 years ago with Michael selling his didgeridoos from a mat on the ground at Redcliffe Markets.

“Now, after 23 years in business, we have a shop and gallery at Clontarf, a market stall back at the Redcliffe Jetty Markets on a Sunday and an online store,” Michael said.

Michael’s career has progressed, to focus on promoting and raising awareness of Aboriginal culture and histories.

“Dreamtime Kullilla-Art provides a platform to not only showcase genuine authentic Aboriginal Art design products, but it provides a venue for people to learn and appreciate Aboriginal culture... everything you wanted to know about Aboriginal art and culture but were too afraid to ask.”

Michael is also a strong advocate for the Fake Art Campaign fighting the importation of fake Aboriginal Art.

“We pride ourselves on our cultural integrity and can guarantee the absolute authenticity of all our products which are handpainted by proper royalty paid Aboriginal artists.”

You can find out more about Dreamtime Kullilla-Art at or drop in at the shop at 349 MacDonnell Rd, Clontarf.