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Enter Sandman

Story: Donna Roberts
Apr 01, 2019
Enter Sandman
Professional sand sculptor, Dennis Massoud — also known as ‘The Sandman’ – has carved a unique career out of an interesting and sad series of life events.

Formerly, I was a professional photographer, I dedicated one day a week to spend with my son Luke when he was five [now 35],” Dennis said.

“It was [Luke’s] wish to create sand sculptures at Tea Tree Bay in the Noosa National Park – people used to throw money in my water bucket.” 

Dennis was severely injured in a motor vehicle accident, and as he was recovering, he also needed to care for his elderly, wheelchair-bound mother. In order to keep her smiling, he would create dazzling sand sculptures for her on the beach.

“I would take her to Noosa Main Beach and get her comfortable in a restaurant,” Dennis said.

“Then I would create a sand sculpture in front of her, for her entertainment [but] mostly as a distraction for her chronic depression. 

“It became quite lucrative as people were always throwing money in my bucket.”

The Sandman’s skills have led to some incredible opportunities, including taking him around the world an impressive nine times.    

“I was commissioned to create sculptures in the Emirates Palace Hotel – the world’s only eight star hotel and I was there for two weeks staying in absolute luxury,” Dennis said. 

“I have won world championships [and] created the whole inside of a plane for Qantas in front of Customs House at Circular Quay in Sydney. 

“I’ve worked for Google and Microsoft and created the world’s first sand hotel.”

Dennis has been a fixture at the Redcliffe Festival of Sails for the past 10 years, and will again this year create his jaw-dropping sculptures on the waterfront. 

“At [the] Redcliffe Festival of Sails we have been voted their most popular entertainment year after year,” Dennis said.

Dennis will be based on the Suttons Beach foreshore from 9am to 4pm where he will design his own sand sculptures and run workshops so members of the public can hone their sand sculpting skills.

Dennis Massoud – The Sandman
Redcliffe Festival of Sails
Good Friday 19 April, 9am-4pm
Suttons Beach