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Calling All Smart Phone Creatives!

Story: Sharon France | Photo: slapics
Apr 01, 2019
Calling All Smart Phone Creatives!
The freshly minted Moreton Bay Film Creator’s Network (MBFCN) is on the hunt for fresh, local talent, looking for an opportunity to strut their stuff and be supported in their budding creativity behind the ‘camera’.

March saw the launch of the MBFCN’s first filming project, Script Your Visual Talent, aimed specifically at emerging artists of all ages – professionals are asked not to apply. The competition closes 30 April, so there’s still ample time to enter!

Carmel Joyce, an award-winning script writer and the group’s founder is dead keen on flushing out the creativity she knows is here on the peninsula, “We need to get back to the real world of filming,” she said. “By starting a not-for-profit group to help nurture our creatives, I know we will be surprised by the results.

“Will artists emerge from behind their mobile phones’ lens or as a scripted actor in front of the camera, I’m not sure. But I am hoping entrants will attempt to grab our hearts at the right moment with a great story line.”

The group has already formed strong relationships with Brisbane and Peninsula camera clubs, and is chasing down other allies including film groups on the Sunshine and Gold Coasts, plus sponsors. “With USC [University of Sunshine Coast] about to open a campus on our doorstep, I think there will be all sorts of exciting opportunities,” Carmel said.

The rules of the competition are straightforward. Each entry must: not be publicly shown (including on YouTube) prior to 1 March 2019; use only a mobile phone to video; produce a video no more than two minutes in length; attach written permission of all on-screen participants (including minors’ parent/guardian permission) plus contact details of all persons filmed. 

Prizes include automatic membership to MBFCN, access to valuable skills through networking with club and supporting film industry contacts, and prize money of $50 in two categories –

For more information about MBFCN and the competition email or find them on Facebook.

Script Your Visual Talent
Film competition
Unlimited entries – $5 each
Competition ends 30 April 2019