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From Swimming Star To Working Man – ‘turbo’ In Transition

Story: Sally Eberhardt | Photo: slapics
Apr 01, 2019
From Swimming Star To Working Man – ‘TURBO’ IN TRANSITION
Superstar Newport swimmer, Ethan ‘Turbo’ Chan, will retire on a high after recently competing in his third Special Olympics. After a long and illustrious swimming career, 24-year-old Ethan is hanging up his goggles and looking forward to working full-time.

A champion free-styler, Ethan started swimming at age four and has competed successfully since he was 10 years old, winning numerous medals at national and international swimming events.

Ethan, who is classed as an S14 swimmer, a class given to all intellectually impaired athletes, said he would miss the swimming community but not the twice-daily training – “I’m not going to miss the early morning starts,” Ethan said with a cheeky grin.

The strong work ethic and discipline that Ethan displayed in the pool is now standing him in good stead at his job as a dish washer at Moreton Bay Boat Club.

“The chefs are surprised that I am so happy to do the dishes. I really like helping them out.”

“It doesn’t matter what job you are in as long as you do your best. You have to do what you say you will,” Ethan said.

Ethan said his support service, Holistic Horizons, had been very helpful in assisting his transition to employment and teaching him life skills such as driving and budgeting.

“A new record for me now is to drive a manual car without stalling it.”

There is no doubt that Ethan will be missed by the swimming community, though if working life permits, he will do some volunteer coaching.

Ethan’s mother, Marie Chan, said Ethan was an inspiration to all around him.

“I didn’t think he could compete at all, at first, because his body wasn’t strong, but he persisted. He is an inspiration to all the parents who think their kids can’t do it,” Marie said.

Both Ethan and Marie wish to thank the swimming community including all sponsors, coaches, clubs, swimmers and other supporters.

“At every Swimming Club there has been a guardian angel,” Ethan said.

The future looks bright for this young man whose positive and cheerful attitude is a great example to all.