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Healing With Humour

Story: Redcliffe Guide
Apr 01, 2019
Healing with Humour
Did you know that using humour has become a big part of helping people bring positive change into their lives?

This is exactly what comedians Fiona McGary and Mark McConville have practiced for more than 30-years combined — and they’re bringing their unique comedic style to Redcliffe, performing at Mon Komo Hotel.

Both comedians have experienced personal challenges that made them realise how powerful humour was in determining happiness. Fiona has used her 18-years of professional experience as a stand-up comedian to shift her career towards the mental health field. This led her to develop her Change with Humour course.

“The main aim of the course is to get people to entertain the idea that they can still build more resilience in their own life by utilising their own sense of humour,” Fiona said.

“I think our sense of humour is kind of an intrinsic value that we have, and we need to be able to build that within ourselves.”

After dealing with some of life’s greatest stresses, Fiona is adamant about bringing positive change into people’s lives, with the use and understanding of humour.

“When certain circumstances were very difficult for me, I was so happy that I had my own sense of humour to fall back on to give me relief from the stressful times. I put together the workshop to try and teach people to make sure their own sense of humour was very robust to deal with stressful times,” Fiona said.

Mark also has a connection to the mental health field with a masters degree in Suicidology.

He has a genuine interest in helping build and unite the comedy industry in the pursuit of helping to reduce societal stress, depression and suicides.

“Performing is what I do. I’ve always done it, and I’ll continue to do it. Making people laugh is the best job in the world, I absolutely love it,” Mark said. 

For a night of fun and laughter, purchase your tickets for The Sit Down Comedy Club at

The Sit Down Comedy Club
Friday 5 April, 7-11pm
Mon Komo Hotel
99 Marine Parade, Redcliffe