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Meet Author Sally Hepworth

Story: Sally Eberhardt
Jan 23, 2019
Meet Author Sally Hepworth
Families — we all have them and we all know how complex some of the relationships can be. The themes of love, marriage, motherhood and relationships are central to the books of acclaimed author, Sally Hepworth, who is heading our way on 7 February.

Sally Hepworth is based in Melbourne but has lived around the world, working in event management and Human Resources before she fulfilled a lifelong dream to write – the result was Love Like the French, published in 2014.

In 2015, Sally wrote The Secrets of Midwives about three generations of midwives and exploring the question of what makes a mother.

Sally, who is a mother of three, said she had continued writing about the complications, dilemmas and delights of family and womanhood in The Things We Keep (2016), The Mother’s Promise (2017) and The Family Next Door (2018).

With bestsellers under her belt, Sally has written a compelling new page-turner about the trickiest of relationships –The Mother-In-Law.

“This book is about the struggles one woman has as she tries to forge a relationship with her frosty mother-in-law,” Sally said about her latest novel.

“With each new book I get an opportunity to explore something new. I am incredibly curious about what makes people tick so I’ll keep writing until I have it all figured out – (that is) forever.”

Sally said she measured success by being able to continue doing what she loved.

“If I can continue writing books for the rest of my days, I will consider my life a success.”

Redcliffe is fortunate to host this esteemed writer and Sally said she was looking forward to exploring the Redcliffe area and meeting the locals on her debut visit to the Peninsula.

Be inspired and entertained by this acclaimed author when she speaks at the Redcliffe Library on Thursday 7 February.

Sally Hepworth will sign books after her talk. You can buy a book at the event, or bring your own copy along to be signed.

This event is free but will book out quickly. Secure your ticket by searching for ‘Sally Hepworth’ at

7-8pm (doors open 6.30pm)
Thursday, 7 February
Redcliffe Library